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Reading Series

Every academic year, the English department hosts visiting writers from around the country. Participants in our reading series publish in a wide range of genres and styles, including poetry, fiction, science fiction and memoir. While on campus, visiting writers offer a public reading of their work (accompanied by select student readers) and conduct mentoring workshops with our students, offering real-world advice on the craft and business of writing.

View pictures from the events.

Visiting authors include:


  • Diane Seuss (poet, author of Four-Legged Girl  and It Blows You Hollow)
  •  Sequoia Nagamatsu (fiction writer, author of Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone and How High We Go in the Dark)
  •  Mary Biddinger (poet, author of Small Enterprise and A Sunny Place With Adequate Water)


  • PJ Carlisle (fiction writer)
  • Philip Terman (poet, author of The Torah Garden and The House of Sages)
  • Khaty Xiong (poet, author of Poor Anima and Deer Hour)
  • Anjali Sachdeva (creative nonfiction writer)


  • Alissa Nutting (fiction writer, author of Unclean Jobs for Women & Girls)
  • Heather Christle (poet, author of Heliopause and The Difficult Farm)
  • Christopher DeWeese (poet, author of The Black Forest)
  • Janisse Ray (memoirist and environmental writer, author of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood)
  • Anthony Madrid (poet, author of I am Your Slave Now Do What I Say)


  • Jennifer Moore (poet, author of The Veronica Maneuver)
  • Tessa Mellas (fiction writer, author of Lungs Full of Noise)
  • Jonterri Gadson (poet, author of Pepper Girl)
  • Ya’Ke Smith (screenwriter and director, Wolf)
  • Matt Hart (poet, author of Who’s Who Vivid and Light-Headed)
  • Roger Reeves (poet, author of King Me)


  • James Tadd Adcox (poet, author of The Map of the System of Human Knowledge)
  • Tobias Buckell (novelist, author of Arctic Rising)
  • Carol Drinkwater (memoirist and actress, author of The Olive Tree)
  • Simone Muench (author of Orange Crush and Wolf Centos)


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