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Son's Rays

Son's Rays is a group of musicians who bring the message of Jesus Christ through song and testimony. The team is generally composed of an even number of female and male vocalists, a pianist, and a guitarist. Contemporary Christian music is the medium through which the members of the Son's Rays express their love for God. Another important aspect of the group is the sharing of personal testimonies by each member of the team. Auditions are held during fall and spring quarters of each year; however, there could be auditions throughout the year should the need arise. In addition to traveling to c hurches, Son's Rays also holds an annual spring concert on campus.

Son’s Rays is a student-led organization that practices once a week and schedules two to three outreaches a month.  This year’s co-leaders are Allie Dolan, a fifth year pharmacy student and Alicia Sawmiller, a fourth-year pharmacy student.


Students wishing to join Son's Rays should contact the group leaders: Allie Dolan or Alicia Sawmiller
Churches wishing to book this group should contact the chapel or 419-772-2200 for outreach requests.