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Meet your ISGs

Meet your International Student Greeters (ISGs) this year! We have a fantastic group of excited students ready to welcome you to campus and help you with your transition. Below are the fall 2016 ISGs!

You'll experience their help right from the start, when they greet you at the airport, all the way through the entire orientation week. They're friendly, fun, knowledgeable, and willing to answer any questions or concerns.

Fares Alrubaish

Fifth-year, Pharmacy

Saudi Arabia

Favorite spot on campus? The Green Monster!

Favorite extracurricular? Getting involved in Greek Life. I love PMD!

Best place you've traveled? I loved Hawaii.

Riku Watanabe

Junior, Mechanical Engineering


Favorite spot on campus? King Horn.

Favorite extracurricular? Golf! I'm on the ONU golf team.

Best place you've traveled? The Grand Canyon.

Amara Egbujor

Second-year, Pharmacy


Favorite spot on campus? The lake in front of University Terrace. It's a beautiful, airy place where I get to think about life and clear my head.

Favorite extracurricular? Attending the NCF (Northern Christian Fellowship) bible study called Fusion.

Best place you've traveled? My hometown in Abia State, Nigeria.

Jehad Alowayyidh

Fourth-year, Pharmacy 

Saudi Arabia

Favorite spot on campus? King Horn. I love soccer!

Favorite extracurricular? I love hanging out with my friends, soccer, and being active in clubs on campus.

Best place you've traveled? Berkeley, Calif.

Grace Guo

Senior, Biology


Favorite spot on campus? The library. I really enjoy studying with my friends.

Favorite extracurricular? Joining organization on campus like AASU, WSO and Student Senate

Best place you've traveled? Shanghai!