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Campus Directory

Display Name E-mail Department/Major Office Phone Title
Fan Ye Department of Civil Engineering Biggs Engineering 104 419-772-2376 Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Employee
John-David Yoder Department of Mechanical Engineering Science Annex 106A 419-772-2385 Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Employee
Linda Young Department of Biological & Allied Health Sciences Meyer Hall of Science 118 419-772-2438 Professor of Biological Sciences; Chair of the Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences Employee
Nancy Young Department of Printing Services Business Services 419-772-2064 Advanced Administrative Assistant Employee
Amy Youngpeter Department of English Dukes Memorial 106 419-772-2104 Visiting Instructor of English Employee
Ziad Youssfi Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering & Computer Scien Biggs Engineering 244 419-772-2392 Assist Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering Employee