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Campus Directory

Display Name E-mail Department/Major Office Phone Title
Adam Fahncke Department of Music Presser Hall 202 419-772-2150 Music Staff Accompanist Employee
Mitchell Faine Department of Athletics King-Horn Center 235 419-772-3133 Assistant Coach of Football Employee
Michelle Falke College of Arts & Sciences Dukes Memorial 207D 419-772-3570 Assistant to the Dean for Special Programs Employee
John Fallon Department of English Dukes Memorial 115 419-772-3967 Adjunct Instructor of English Employee
Amy Fanous College of Pharmacy Robertson-Evans 236 419-772-2295 Director of Rural Mobile Health Clinic Employee
Brandon Fauber Heterick Memorial Library Circulation 419-772-2180 Senior Library Assistant Employee
Katee Fenimore College of Law Tilton Hall Of Law 119 419-772-2210 Associate Director of Law Communications Employee
Penny Fiebiger Department of Education Dukes Memorial 310 419-772-2120 Coordinator of Partnership Development Employee
Barbara Fields College of Law Tilton Hall of Law 158 419-772-3580 President's Office Assistant Employee
Thomas Finn Department of Modern Languages Dukes Memorial 206 419-772-2113 Professor of French & Spanish Employee
Jason Fisher Department of Athletics King-Horn Center 110 419-772-2445 Assistant Coach of Track and Field Employee
Katie Fitzgerald Office of Human Resources Lehr Memorial 154 419-772-2747 Assistant Director of Human Resources; Health Plan Privacy Officer Employee
Dallan Flake College of Law Tilton Hall Of Law 188 419-772-2226 Associate Professor of Law Employee
Kathie Fleck Department of Communication & Media Studies Performing Arts Center 118 419-772-2053 Assistant Professor in Public Relations Employee
Billy Foster Office of the Registrar Lehr Memorial 419-772-2026 Registrar Specialist Employee
Jillian Fox Department of Biological & Allied Health Sciences Meyer Hall Of Science 172 419-772-2606 Adjunct Instructor of Biological Sciences Employee
Kami Fox Department of Nursing Mathile Center 117 419-772-3013 Director of Nursing; Associate Professor of Nursing; Chair of the Department of Nursing Employee
Mary Fox College of Business Dicke Hall 207F 419-772-4213 Adjunct Instructor of Business Employee
Todd France College of Engineering Biggs Engineering 102 419-772-2383 Assistant Professor of Engineering Education Employee
Matthew Francis Heterick Memorial Library Office 113 419-772-1925 Archivist; Rank of Assistant Professor Employee
Heidi Franklin Department of Nursing Mathile Center 124 419-772-3944 Adjunct Instructor of Nursing Employee
Jaume Franquesa College of Business Dicke Hall 214 419-772-2235 Assistant Professor of Management Employee
DeBow Freed 203 W Lima Ave President Emeritus of the University Employee
Rachel Frey College of Law Tilton Hall Of Law 122 419-772-2758 Director of Law Admissions Employee
Aundrea Fricke Department of Purchasing Business Services 08 419-772-2059 Purchasing Agent Employee
Kelly Friesner-Gephart Department of Nursing Mathile Center 124 419-772-3944 Adjunct Instructor of Nursing Employee
Bruce Frohnen College of Law Tilton Hall of Law 189 419-772-1950 Professor of Law Employee
Kathy Fruchey College of Pharmacy Robertson-Evans 225 419-772-2539 Advanced Administrative Assistant Employee
Bill Fuller Department of Mathematics & Statistics Mathile Center 222 419-772-2347 Associate Professor of Mathematics Employee
Richard Fullmer McIntosh Center 525 S Main St 419-772-2000 Part-Time Driver Employee
Larry Funke Department of Mechanical Engineering Biggs Engineering 102 419-772-1862 Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Employee