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Research looks at preventing poison ivy rash

A collaborative study involving ONU’s Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the College of Pharmacy has resulted in a paper published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. The paper reports on the use of jewelweed to prevent poison ivy rash.

Titled “The effectiveness of jewelweed, Impatiens capensis, the related cultivar I. balsamina and the component, lawsone in preventing post poison ivy exposure contact dermatitis” the article is authored by Vicki Abrams Motz, visiting assistant professor biological sciences, Christopher P. Bowers, associate professor of chemistry, Linda Mull Young, professor of biological sciences, and David H. Kinder, professor of medicinal chemistry.

The article concludes that crushed jewelweed is effective in preventing poison ivy rash, and is a good choice when soap is not available. The lawsone content of the plant, which was thought to be the active agent does not correlate with the plant’s ability to prevent rash; an alternative plant component was proposed.

The article is available online.