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July 19

This Thursday I didn't get much time to go out and do anything after class besides get some dinner. In my global ethics class we are reading a book called, "Overthrow" about American history...we were each assigned a chapter to read and write about to present to the class. I spent the majority of the night writing the paper!

I figured I would share some things that were really different at first, but now I don't think twice about!

These simple exercise machines and others are located all along the Han River right by campus and we saw them located many other places as well! Having these machines so accessible to everyone is nice, especially for elderly people since the machines are quite simple with little resistance.

There are easily accessible, simple areas to work out all along the river!

The main, and seemingly ONLY form of transportation: Metro. I spent the majority of my travel time on the subways, really easy and convenient to get from place to place!

Our entire bathroom...IS a shower. We got a few toilet paper rolls soaked before we remembered to put them away before showering!