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July 18

Every Wednesday we have the day off to go on a field trip provided by the University, relax, or venture off on our own. This week, we decided to skip the Hyundai factory field trip and go to the Trickeye museum about 20 minutes away. Sara, Eunju, Sinny, and my roommate Jasmine all went together. It was a really cool museum that I would recommend to anyone planning on applying for this program next year! It was 13,000 won to get in but totally worth it, we had a blast posing for all different types of pictures set up throughout the museum. There is also a mirror maze that takes a bit to manuver through, and a game at the end where you search for people/items in a giant mural and win a prize if completed. We took lots and lots of pictures, but here are some examples..

Once we left the museum, we went to the Oriental Medicine Market where they sell everything from herbal products to fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, beans, rice...etc. There were streets and streets full and full of vendors, it was like a maze. One sad thing we saw in the meat section was dog :( We talked to Sinny about it and she said not everyone here eats dog, only some people. Still, that was very different to see...and sad. At the market, we bought grapes, bananas, and dried seaweed leaves. We also met a vendor selling fresh baked bread and tried some of that while at the market. Bread definitely tastes different here, but not necessarily in a bad way! We had a lot of fun here...

THEN EunJu took us to a famous restaurant here where the only thing on the menu is Samguetang, the boiling hot chicken soup that we first had during our day tour of Seoul. In Korea, it is custom to eat this hot soup on the hottest day of the year in order to "overcome the heat!" We enjoyed taking part in this tradition and yes the soup was just as good this time!

Following dinner, EunJu, Sara, and I went to the man-made Cheong gue cheon River. It is more like a stream that runs through the city and at night there are several light shows and it is really pretty because even underneath the water there are lights throughout the river and it is really really nice to walk along it and see everything!

There was also a laser light show that could be viewed while standing on a bridge when mist was released from the river so the show could be seen; it lasted about 10 minutes and showed every half hour starting at 8pm. This was also something I would recommend for anyone who plans on coming to Hanyang in the future!! One of the many highlights of the trip :)

A very long, fun, and exhausting day!