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ONU students to be part of Sigma Tau Delta Conference

Eleven ONU students have papers accepted into the 2011 Sigma Tau Delta Conference, March 23-26, in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Students include:

  • Ashley Alexander, a senior in creative writing from Jones, Mich., “Episodic Poetry;”
  • Justine Anderson, a senior in professional writing from Virginia Beach, Va., “Reconstructing a Memoir – A Postcolonial Analysis of Memoirs of a Geisha;”
  • Lydia Bottoni, a senior in literature from Maumee, Ohio, “Khattam-Shud: The End;”
  • Tracy Campbell, a senior in creative writing from Grand Rapids, Mich., “Feminism in Lady Shalott;”
  • Victoria Dickman, a senior philosophy from Middle Point, Ohio, “Hope Leslie, the Pequot Wars and the Epistemoligical Problem of Understanding Someone Else’s Point of View;”
  • Andrew Leavitt, a senior in creative writing from Scarborough, Maine, “Songs of the Unconscious;”
  • Merrill Miller, a senior in creative writing from McMurray, Pa., “Inside the Dreams of Women;”
  • Rachel Paschal, a senior in creative writing from Lyndhurst, Ohio, “The Loss of the Real,” and “Divided by Gender but United by Struggle: Holden Caulfield and Esther Greenwood;”
  • Abigail Sterling,  a junior in creative writing from Sylvania, Ohio, “Ordinary Selection;”
  • Justin Stewart, a senior in creative writing from East Liverpool, Ohio, “Some Kind of Helicopter Heart: A Poetry Collection;” and
  • Carol Wilson, a senior in professional writing from Royal Oak, Mich., “This Phone is Disconnected: A New Critical Analysis of ‘The Dangling Conversation.’”

Sigma Tau Delta is the International English Honor Society. With over 775 active chapters in the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean, there are more than 1,000 faculty sponsors, and approximately 8,500 members inducted annually. Sigma Tau Delta's central purpose is to confer distinction upon students of the English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies.

Sigma Tau Delta holds its annual international convention every spring to allow hundreds of Sigma Tau Deltans from around the globe to gather in one locale, share experiences and ideas, be recognized for their achievements, and participate in the official side of the society.