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The Effects of Sex on the Female Identity

Rachael Frigo
Ohio Northern University

Sex is a biological need that must be satisfied, just like drinking when one is thirsty or eating when one is hungry.  It is something that causes some populations to explode and others to dwindle.  In the beginning, sex was taboo and rarely spoken of, but today, it is thrown in society’s face through the marketing and entertainment industry.  With sex playing a much more open role in society it has become a major aspect of identity.  Both men and women find themselves affected by sex in today’s world, but women seem to feel its effects more so then men.  These effects both take place on the positive and negative end of the spectrum.  This paper uses post-modernism, the cybernetic identity model (Burke and Reitzes 1981; Burke 1991), and works on emotional labor (Hochschild 1983) to evaluate the consequences of living in a sexual society.

Annual meeting of the Anthologists and Sociologists of Kentucky, Columbia, KY