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The Comparative Impacts of Risk and Protective Factors on Alcohol-Related Problems in a Sample of University Students

Durkin, Keith F., Amber Blackstone, Sabrina Dowd, Shalagh Frantz, and Trevor Eagle.
Ohio Northern University

The purpose of this study was to examine the comparative influences of various protective and risk factors on the alcohol-related problems of a sample of university students.  The conceptualization of these protective and risk factors in the current undertaking was informed by problem behavior theory, and draws heavily on two sociological theories of deviant behavior (social learning theory and social bond theory).  A questionnaire containing indicators measuring various protective and risk factors, as well as various alcohol-related problems, were administered to a sample of 1,459 students from four colleges and universities.  The results indicated that both risk and protective factors were associated with alcohol-related problems in this sample.  However, risk factors explain a far great amount of variance in these problems.  Implications for campus programming designed to reduce alcohol-related problems are discussed.

Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 48:696-709
Annual Meeting of the Mid-South Sociological Association
Psychology and Sociology