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Success Stories

"My student-led experience was fun, focused, and challenging. When I began the program, I had been running for about six months as a result of my desire to lose weight. What I wanted to do was continue losing weight and begin a conditioning program that would help improve muscle tone and improve my running form and speed. From the beginning, my personal trainer, Brandon, was quite attentive, listening to my needs and designing a program that fit my goals. In the end, I was very happy with my results. I learned a variety of new exercises and made improvements in the areas that mattered most to me. Since completing the program, I use my reference book on a regular basis, effectively using a mixture of exercises to continue meeting my goals. A big thank you to Brandon and Sara for their excellent program and personal attention!"

Mark Cruea
Visiting Instructor of Communication Arts
Department of Communication and Theatre Arts


"My initial intentions were just the same as everybody’s which was to start off a new year getting fit and maybe drop a few pounds. The only thing different was that I didn’t quit this time!

Throughout my training, I was able to experience something that I never thought I would have…I was finally able to feel what “being in shape” was like again! I can’t say enough for the Ex. Phys. program. It has been something that has enabled me to continue on and become more physically fit then I have ever been since high school. Once the class had ended, my trainer had prepared a workout plan to help me continue on my own. Since then I have had the chance to learn many facets about weight lifting and have been able to incorporate many things into my own workout routine. Three years have now past and I still continue to work out 5-6 days a week. It has become something that is a habit; it’s a lifestyle.

To date, I have lost close to 50 pounds and I feel like a new person. It has been widely advertised that the United States is leading the world in obesity. For me, this is not an acceptable statistic.  It is also a fact that being overweight can and possibly will lead to diabetes. It has also been proven that being overweight can cause many heart problems not to mention all of the other issues that it can cause. This can be prevented by simply taking part in an exercise program. Many have said, “Well, it’s easier for you because you were never really over weight to begin with.” Becoming fit and healthy is a life changing experience no matter if you are 10 pounds or 110 pounds overweight.  Stop making excuses!! I don’t know of a doctor that would be against losing a few pounds and getting healthier.Come on ONU! Get involved, get fit and stay healthy!"

Bill Kent

O.N.U. Mailroom Supervisor