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The search for Ohio Northern's next president

May 14, 2010

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November 5, 2010

TO: The ONU Community
FROM: John J. Bishop, Trustee
Chair, Presidential Search Committee

This is another in the series of informational memos intended to keep you apprised of the work of the presidential search committee.

The search committee met on Monday, November 1, to review our progress and to affirm our schedule over the next several months.  We began the actual review of candidate papers and we discussed a more precise evaluation process that will help us focus on the desired attributes of ONU’s next president. We will use this process in assessing applicants for the presidency in the weeks ahead. The search profile continues to be available for your review at    

Our advertising continues to appear this month in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Women in Higher Education, Hispanic Outlook, Diverse ,and Inside Higher Education. We have distributed roughly 3,000 search profiles nationally to inform selected individuals about the search and to request their suggestions of persons we should consider.    

We ask again that you too suggest people who might be attractive to Northern in this search. Please contact our consultant,, with names and additional contact information related to any potential candidates. The nominations and suggestions that we receive from those closest to the ONU program can be among the most meaningful in the process of candidate generation.

We will meet again early in December to evaluate our general progress and to begin reducing the pool to a smaller group.

The committee will continue to stay in touch with you throughout the process. I welcome your comments and questions at any time ( Be reassured that we will treat all information from you in total confidence.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

October 4, 2010

TO: Members of the ONU Community
FROM: John J. Bishop, Trustee Chair, Presidential Search Committee
SUBJECT: Search Update

The presidential search is underway, and we are writing with this additional update. The search committee has completed the development of the Presidential Search Profile for Ohio Northern University.

As you review the Search Profile, please pay particular attention to the attributes most highly desired in ONU’s next president. We urge you to suggest people you know who could serve effectively as our next president and/or those who might know potential candidates. Please forward their name(s) to our consultant, Tom Courtice, at The search committee is well aware that the success of our search depends on the involvement of all members of the Northern community. By nominating strong candidates, you can immediately be involved in the search process.

Over the next few months, we will generate the candidate pool through nominations received from you, contact with national educa tion and founda tion officials, inquiries at other colleges and universities, letters to friends and alumni of ONU, advertising in the Chronicle of Higher Education and other publications, and the work of our consultant.

The search is off to a good start. We will write to you again as we enter subsequent stages of the process. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact me ( if you have questions. Thank you for your interest and your support.

September 28, 2010

TO: Members of the ONU Community

FROM: John J. Bishop, Trustee Chair, Presidential Search Committee

SUBJECT: Search Update

I am writing to keep you posted on the early planning and progress in the presidential search. The search committee met on Monday, September 27, and reviewed the pre-search report drafted by our consultant, Tom Courtice. The report resulted from Tom’s research and his time on campus earlier this month, during which many of you provided helpful and informative insights about the Ohio Northern presidency.

The committee was encouraged by the content of Tom’s report and we are moving quickly to convert this material into the important search profile, the primary informational piece to be used in generating the candidate pool.

We hope to complete the profile by early October at which time we will share it directly with you. Don’t hesitate to contact me ( if you have any questions. I will be writing to you again soon.

May 25, 2010

To: The Ohio Northern Community

This is the first of several messages you will receive from me over the next few months, all intended to keep you informed about the progress of the search for Ohio Northern’s next president. The Presidential Search Committee (scroll down for a list of committee members) met for the first time on Saturday, May 22, and accepted its charge from the Board of Trustees. In so doing, we spent considerable time discussing the necessity of maintaining strict confidentiality throughout the search.  We also reviewed and approved a preliminary search timeline, and discussed the next steps in the search process. At this time, we hope to conclude the search by the middle of the winter quarter, with an effective starting date for the new president on or about July 1 of 2011.

The committee will be assisted by Academic Search of Washington, DC, a consulting firm that has worked exclusively for over 30 years in searches for presidents and senior administrators in higher education. Dr. Thomas B. Courtice will serve as our consultant and will provide counsel for the committee’s work throughout the course of the search.

In that regard, Tom will launch the search process by visiting the campus early in the Fall term, September 9–10, to talk with all ONU constituencies. His interviews and conversations will result in an important written profile which will outline our key institutional needs and priorities, and a related set of desired characteristics and talents for our next president. 

Sharon Hawkins will be serving as the Search Committee’s administrative coordinator to the campus. We will work through her to build an inclusive schedule for Tom’s visit that will encourage your participation. The detailed schedule and more information about ways in which you will be able to provide your input will be announced when the University reconvenes this Fall. We realize that Tom’s visit is scheduled at the very busy opening of the term, but it is critical that he can be on campus and hear from you early in the year. We strongly urge you to share your thoughts and ideas in these discussions at an appropriate time during the two-day period.

I will continue to write to you, on behalf of the search committee, throughout the coming months to keep you posted on our progress. Thank you for your interest and support.

Best regards,

John Bishop, Trustee
Chair, Presidential Search Committee


A brief history of ONU presidents




ONU Presidential Search Committee

Mr. John Bishop, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees and Chair of the Presidential Search Committee
Mr. Michael Kaufmann, Member, Board of Trustees
Mr. Oscar Mifsud, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees
Mrs. Joanne Lipski, Member, Board of Trustees
Mr. Anthony Moore, Member, Board of Trustees
Mr. Douglas Mock, Member, Board of Trustees
Mrs. Jennifer Frommer, Member, Board of Trustees
Dr. Charles Yoost, Member, Board of Trustees
Mr. James Kennedy, Member, Board of Trustees
Mr. Robert Kerscher, Member, Board of Trustees
Mr. Michael Hamper, President, Student Senate and Member, Board of Trustees
Ms. Kendra Hearn, Member of Student Senate
Dr. Jonathan Smalley, Professor of Civil Engineering
Dr. Natalie DiPietro, Asst. Prof. of Pharmacy Practice
Mr. Jason Duff, BSBA ’05; member of Business Advisory Board
Mr. James Dicke III, Friend of University
Mr. Robert Smith, Ex Officio; Chair, Board of Trustees
Dr. Kenneth Elshoff, Ex Officio; Life Trustee
Dr. Clayton Mathile, Ex Officio; Friend of University

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