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Cooperative Education Program

Cooperative education is a plan of educational development designed to integrate classroom studies with planned and supervised paid work experiences. Engineering and computer science co-op students normally are employed in semi-professional capacities in research, development, manufacturing, and engineering departments of industrial companies, consulting firms, and in federal and state agencies. The employment sessions can begin in the summer following the sophomore year and continue throughout the third and fourth years until the student has completed his/her junior academic year. A typical schedule is shown below. This five-year program is optional and available for all disciplines in the college of engineering.

A wide variety of employers participate in the ONU co-op program from across the country.  A sample listing of companies is shown in the document attached below.

For more information regarding the Cooperative Education Program at ONU, please contact the Director of Corporate & Alumni Relations, Prof. Laurie Laird, at or 419-772-2421.

Typical Co-op Schedule

First year

  • Fall, School
  • Spring, School
  • Summer, Vacation or possible Internship

Second year

  • Fall, School
  • Spring, School
  • Summer, Co-op or possible Internship

Third year

  • Fall, School
  • Spring, Co-op
  • Summer, Co-op

Fourth year

  • Fall, Co-op
  • Spring, School
  • Summer, Co-op or possible Internship

Fifth year

  • Fall, School
  • Spring, School
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