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Areas of Study


The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre is designed to provide pre-professional training within a liberal arts education. This interdisciplinary option requires course work in dance, music and theatre. In addition, all musical theatre students complete a strong core of liberal arts courses. Curriculum and performance opportunities are designed to prepare students for careers in musical theatre and/or advanced training at the graduate level. The program is enhanced by the integration of nationally recognized guest artists affording the student a variety of approaches to the work and an opportunity to begin to develop a network within the profession. Students are evaluated each semester through vocal and performance juries and rigorous classroom experiences.


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre is designed as a well-rounded introduction to the theatrical arts, ideal for the student who desires a program with more flexibility or variety than the B.F.A., or who wishes to double major. The B.A. in Theatre has an international flavor and is committed to introducing students to world culture through: guest artists, touring productions, internships and study abroad opportunities. After satisfying the required courses within the B.A., students are encouraged, with the help of an advisor, to design the focus of their choice. Possibilities include: acting, technical theatre, theatre administration, dramatic literature or dramaturgy/playwriting. The B.A. works in close collaboration with the B.F.A programs in international theatre production and musical theatre. Extensive production opportunities exist both on and off stage.

International Theatre Production (MAJOR)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in International Theatre Production is a unique program focusing on the areas of theatrical design, production and stage management including the many variations of theatrical practice that occur in different areas of the world. By exploring the cultural and practical differences in theatre production, our students will gain a better understanding of not only theatre here in the United States, but also, overseas, and in the areas of opera and touring production.

Arts Administration (Minor)

The arts administration minor program is open to any student regardless of major. This program lays the foundation for careers in arts administration or graduate study. Students will explore multiple facets of this rapidly growing field to gain considerable practical experience. Theoretical and interdisciplinary studies will include: audience development; fundraising; marketing; grant writing; programming and presenting, and analysis of multiple artistic forms, such as music, theatre and visual art.

Dance (Minor)

The dance minor program emphasizes a strong liberal arts education and provides a flexible program that adapts easily to individual needs and interest while maintaining professional standards. The dance minor is open to all students regardless of their choice of major. The course requirements for a dance minor include 29 credit hours of technique classes, dance composition, dance history, and dance practicum. Dance classes in tap, ballet, modern and jazz average eight students per class with a strong emphasis on student/faculty interaction. In order to be considered for a talent award, students interested in the dance minor program must go through the audition process.

Theatre Technology and Design (Minor)

Our theatre technology and design minor program is open to students from all majors. It’s designed for students who are interested in the backstage operations of the theatre – the intersection of technology and theatre. You’ll gain aesthetic, theoretical, experiential and creative knowledge of various aspects of theatre as well as considerable practical experience. The program requires 20 credit hours of courses on topics such as stagecraft, lighting/sound, costume, stage management and technical direction. The theatre technology and design minor will open doors to careers in theatre, manufacturing and business. 


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