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Theatre Arts

The Department of Theatre Arts offers degree programs including the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre, Bachelor of Fine Arts in International Theatre Production, dance minor, and arts administration minor. The theatre arts major emphasizes a liberal arts education combined with a professional program designed to produce graduates who are prepared for a lifetime of learning in a diverse and changing world.


The fine arts, both in those who cultivate and those only who admire them, open and expand the mind to great ideas. They inspire liberal feelings, create a harmony of temper, favorable to a sense of justice and a habit of moderation in our social intercourse.
– Joel Barlow, American Poet, Diplomat and Politician (1754-1812)

This flexible program adapts easily to individual needs and interests while maintaining professional standards. The curriculum and manner of instruction encourage critical thinking, development of aesthetic and ethical standards, and an understanding of theatre in all its aspects of personal and professional life. Graduates are prepared for performance or graduate studies in their professional areas and attain the skills necessary for a useful and meaningful life.

All students wishing to major in musical theatre and international theatre production must be accepted to the program through departmental auditions or interviews. The same audition/interview also can qualify the student for consideration for a talent award.

Department Of Theatre Arts

Lin Fletcher

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