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Areas of Study

ONU offers teacher preparation in 14 licensure areas for the state of Ohio. Teacher candidates must complete all degree, major, and licensure requirements to qualify for the initial Four-Year Resident Educator licensure.

Early and middle childhood education Majors

Students in the Department of Education major in either Early Childhood (PreK-grade 3) or Middle Childhood (grades 4-9) Education. Early Childhood Education majors may also complete additional course work for the Early Childhood Generalist endorsement to add grades 4-5 to the Ohio teaching license. Middle Childhood Education majors may complete course work in additional concentration areas for the Middle Childhood Generalist endorsement in order to teach grades 4-6 in those areas.

Adolescent/Young Adult and Multi-Age Teacher Licensure Areas

Students interested in teaching in other areas major in the area of teaching interest and, in the Department of Education, complete the course work required for Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA grades 7-12) or Multi-Age (MA PreK-grade 12) teacher licensure. For example, a student that wants to teach high school biology would major in biology and also complete the course work required for licensure in the Department of Education.

Additional Opportunities

ONU's degree program in engineering education is the first of its kind in Ohio and one of the first in the nation. The four-year engineering degree prepares graduates to become licensed secondary math teachers but with a more specialized perspective than teachers who have a traditional education diploma. The program combines a general engineering degree with the required education and math courses to earn a teaching licensure in integrated mathematics (7-12). 







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