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Offer an Internship

Offer an Internship

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Why hire an Arts and Sciences intern from ONU?

  • Internships provide a very effective method of recruiting for full-time positions.
  • Internships allow in-depth evaluation of an individual without any long-term commitment.
  • Interns are low-cost yet highly productive workers.
  • Interns are one solution to fluctuating labor demands.
  • Interns can boost the morale of a department by easing the workload.
  • Interns can free the time of salaried professionals for more important tasks.
  • Interns can finish projects that regular employees never have time to complete.

What do employers say about A&S interns from ONU?

  • Highly motivated and have a very positive work ethic
  • Good social skills allow them to adjust quickly to a new work environment
  • Very well prepared technically
  • Learn and apply new skills very quickly
  • Help solve company problems with fresh insights
  • Bring us up-to-speed on computer technology
  • Are the type of individual we like to have
  • Work well independently and require minimal supervision
  • Anxiously await new interns once present interns have completed their term of service
  • Much better prepared than interns from other institutions

Internship Assignment

The length, number of hours per week, and credit hours earned per internship varies depending on the student intern, the discipline, and the business. Although not required to do so, organizations typically conform the length of the internships offered to one or more of our semesters.

Employer Responsibilities

Organizations typically have minimal responsibilities once the internship program is established. To develop a workable program, organizations agree to the following requirements.

  • The employer will provide an enriching work experience for the student intern.
  • The employer will provide a position description, including the title, department, immediate supervisor, and duties and responsibilities, to the prospective student intern and to the departmental internship director.
  • The employer is responsible for all on-site training and supervision.
  • The employer will permit on-site visits by the departmental internship director, usually once a quarter.
  • The employer will agree to assist in the evaluation of the performance of the intern at the conclusion of the program.
  • While student intern compensation is not required, it is encouraged.