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ONU Recycling

Mission – Recycling at Ohio Northern University is dedicated to achieving the most environmentally sound solid waste management and resource conservation program for the ONU campus community. Within this context, ONU is committed to achieving a 75 percent and beyond diversion goal and promoting sustainable consumption and disposal patterns.

In achieving this goal, ONU Recycling will:

  • Provide strategic planning, research, education and technical assistance to the campus community.
  • Initiate innovative programs to maximize waste prevention, recycling and economic development opportunities.
  • Serve as a pro-active campus policy advocate for long-term solutions to our challenges.
  • Partner with organizations with compatible goals.

Vision – ONU’s shared vision is to establish a campus-wide recycling network open to everyone. By reaching everyone within the ONU campus community and its visitors, the University will significantly reduce the waste that has to be placed in landfills.

Recycling is not new at Northern. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors are encouraged to use the clearly marked containers on campus to help us reduce our carbon footprint.

Campus recycling efforts


Residential Areas

Starting on the day you move in, you can begin recycling at ONU! Place all of your recyclables in any orange dumpster or in any large black plastic bins located in the academic buildings! Just when you think that one plastic bottle will not make a difference, think again! Even the smallest amount makes a big difference! So get started today and help make a difference at Ohio Northern University!

In addition to the blue dumpsters provided for garbage disposal, Republic Services has also provided custom orange dumpsters specifically for recycling. Each resident hall and apartment complex is provided with an orange dumpster for their recyclable items. Because Republic Services sorts the materials, students are able to recycle their items without needing to sort plastics from aluminum cans or paper products.

How Do I Recycle from My Room/Apartment?
If you currently have a container in your room, you can contact for additional liners. Once the email request for liners is received, they will be placed in your unit box in the ONU Mail Center for you to receive at your convenience. 

Where can I put my recyclables?
Recyclables can be placed in any orange dumpster on campus or in any large black container in the academic buildings. The building custodians will not remove recyclables.

How can I be involved with an ONU recycling group?
There are currently 2 ways: The ONU Recycles group is a campus student organization and everyone is invited to participate. The other is through the Work Study program. Please watch the Polar Careers web site for postings of all campus employment.

Are there any other programs where I can help make a difference?
Definitely! There are several programs such as Zero Waste Events, Water Refill Stations, and many more. We welcome new ideas. Please contact Bill Kent with your suggestions.


College and department programs

Ohio Northern University’s has committed to get greener when more than 400 personal, office-sized recycle containers were distributed to faculty and staff last year. The new containers make recycling simpler, improve ONU’s percentage of recycled waste and reduce costs associated with refuse collection.


Get Involved

Find out your global footprint.

Zero Waste Events at Ohio Northern

  • A Zero Waste Event is any one-time program, occasion or event where the goal is to achieve as much waste diversion from the landfill as possible. At its core, a Zero Waste Event works to reduce, recycle and reuse as much as possible
  • Any group of ONU Students, Faculty and/or Staff may hold an event.


ONU Recycling


To learn more or to get involved with recycling, contact:

Aundrea Fricke

Items accepted:

  • Glass
  • Tin
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Mixed Paper (non-confidential)
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines