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Theresa Meli

The first time Theresa Meli visited ONU, she told her mom, “This is where I’m going to college.” She hasn’t looked back since.

ONU offered everything Theresa was looking for, including forensic biology. She quickly realized the professors take time out of their day to answer her questions and give the one-on-one help she was looking for. She was more than a number; she was a person with dreams, passions and a future.

Theresa continued her journey at ONU by interning at the Lucas County Coroner’s Office in Toledo, Ohio, for 10 weeks. She worked in the toxicology lab, where blood and other bodily fluids were tested to determine the cause of death. She also had the opportunity to test samples of illegal substances and learn about their chemistry and addictive properties.

Because of her opportunity at the Lucas County Coroner’s Office, Theresa has become more interested in understanding illegal substances and drugs and how they affect the body. She hopes that she can one day “help those who struggle with the addiction and stop those who enable it.”

After graduation, Theresa plans to attend graduate school and get her master’s degree in either forensic science or forensic toxicology. Her dream would be to work in a toxicology lab or for the FBI working with illegal substances.

“ONU gave me the connections to explore each pathway in forensics that I was interested in, and forensic biology was the career my heart was most into.”