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Taylor Wohlgamuth

Taylor Wohlgamuth has been preparing for her future career since the moment she first stepped on campus. She knew Northern was a place she could connect her passion with a purpose by getting involved. Through ONU’s clinical and counseling psychology major, Taylor has gained real-world experience that has made her confident in her choice to pursue a career helping children.

Taylor knew she wanted to help children with disabilities, but how could she make a difference while still in college? Taylor began planning the Reindeer Run, a Christmas-inspired 5K on Ohio Northern’s campus. The Reindeer Run raises money to buy stuffed polar bears for the children of Hardin and Lima Memorial hospitals. Her favorite part of the Reindeer Run is seeing the campus and community come together, working towards a common goal. She also loves seeing the looks on the children’s faces when they receive their own stuffed polar bears.

Not only did getting involved and managing an event help Taylor connect her passion with a purpose, it inspired her to be even more passionate about helping others. “The Reindeer Run has shown me that we can make a difference and help positively influence lives around us.”