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Michael Sapienza

Today, Michael Sapienza is an Ohio Northern music performance major who aspires to one day become a professional studio drummer or a music professor.

But he discovered ONU’s tight-knit, family-like atmosphere long before he ever became a student, and long before he ever started his college-selection process in high school. His introduction to Northern happened during a summer music camp for high-schoolers.

“Music camp was where I learned about the campus and the great people in it,” he remembers.

And that’s exactly why Michael chose ONU: “The students and staff are like family,” he says. “They help you whenever you need it and are among the best people I have ever met.”

As an ONU student, Michael has the opportunity to return the favor by helping a new generation of young music-lovers in much the same way that others helped him.

“It takes me back to my first year as a camper. Dr. Sarah Waters has opened my eyes as far as music goes, and I can’t wait to see what ONU has in store for me.”