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Hannah Peterson

Public Relations Major

Galway, Ireland

Summer 2014

Studying abroad is a vital chance to push yourself outside your comfort zone and experience a new culture. For Hannah, studying abroad gave her an entirely new perspective as she navigated unfamiliar people, places and culture. She chose to embrace the new environment and let it change her outlook. As she explored the green island of Ireland, she was able to learn more about herself as she went through this self-discovery alongside others, allowing her to create lasting friendships with wonderful people who she’s still close with today. She describes her experiences in the classroom as “amazing” and says that her adventures in the city of Galway, as well as to other parts of Ireland, were a highlight of her time abroad. Getting out of her comfort zone and seeing the world through a different lens left an impact. “My time abroad brought me a lot of clarity about who I am as a person and what I truly value in life,” she says.