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Chelsea Brown

For the past three years, Chelsea Brown, a senior political science major from Jewett, Ohio, has had, by her own account, “the most fun, and experienced the greatest moments, possible on campus.”

It’s all in the part of the job description when you are Klondike, the ONU mascot. Chelsea is one of four seniors who are taking off the mask and publicly revealing who they are, something that is absolutely forbidden for them to do while they are active Klondikes.

“Events like Welcome Fest, getting to see so many of your friends, and meeting so many new people, is fun enough, but having that air of mystery as to who you are under the mask is the coolest thing,” she says.

Homecoming was always a special time for Chelsea because she got to interact with so many ONU alumni. Nothing gave her greater joy than being around the different alumni classes as they gathered to take pictures with each other and with Klondike. She could hear them talk about their love and gratitude for Northern, and feel how deep their pride ran.

But more than anything, being in the suit let her have fun and let loose. She’d get to go on the field at football games and high-five the coaches. She’d dance with the pep band and hug Dr. Bates at basketball games. She even got cookies from President DiBiasio and First Lady Chris Burns-DiBiasio.

“Being Klondike has allowed me to not only show my pride as a student, but also be a representation of love and pride for the university I call home,” she says.