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Albert Bui

Albert Bui, a sixth-year pharmacy student from Winnetka, Calif., believes that ONU has given him the opportunity to explore his thirst for learning and scientific discovery.

Albert decided to attend ONU because of its emphasis on teaching, community involvement and research with a strong support system. “ONU stood out from other schools in the sense that it exudes a familial environment, one that fosters camaraderie and lifelong relationships,” he says.

ONU has helped Albert connect his passion with a purpose through his extensive research with Dr. Boyd Rorabaugh. “Faculty and staff, particularly in the pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences department, have been integral to my success,” he says. “Working in Dr. Rorabaugh’s lab has fueled my passion in understanding the underlying mechanisms of cardiovascular disease. This experience also gave me the skills to critically analyze data and seek the solutions for encountered problems. With this momentum, I will continue to learn as much as I can about the cardiovascular system so that I may improve the lives of patients with complex heart issues.”

Albert’s research has led to three published papers in peer-reviewed journals. These publications are evidence of student success and the caliber of research that ONU can produce.

After graduating this May, Albert hopes to eventually work in the field of cardiology, practicing high-quality evidence-based medicine and conducting clinical/biomedical research.