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Katie Cochrane

Before she graduates this May, Katie Cochrane’s goal is to leave a legacy. She is proud to be an ONU student, specifically because of the experiences she has had with ONU alumni. “Working with alumni has given me the opportunity to realize that I have a passion for giving back, and that in itself is a great purpose and can change the lives of ONU students,” she says.

Katie came to ONU because she felt the Dicke College of Business Administration would give her the networking and internship opportunities she needed to become a confident business professional. The traditional four-year plan works for some students, but Katie was determined to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in only three years. This decision helped her realize that accounting (auditing, in particular) was truly the best career choice for her.

After graduation, Katie will be working as an assurance staff member for Ernst & Young in its Toledo, Ohio, office. Her real-world experience as an audit intern for the company is what allowed her to find full-time employment after graduation. Katie finds these professional experiences extremely beneficial and encourages her peers find them. “There are so many real-world experiences through ONU – you just have to be willing to seek them out,” she says.