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Angela Chu

Study abroad is another chance to grow.

Angela Chu, a pharmacy and Spanish double major, plans to follow up her ONU education with a residency in pediatrics, potentially specializing in critical care.

“I want to be on the front lines taking care of the sickest children and knowing that I directly impacted someone’s life,” she says.

But before that, she has had some amazing experiences, thanks to ONU. “I never thought I would have ever studied abroad – let alone twice, but ONU encourages this despite having a rigorous curriculum. And I’ve even been published, which is unheard of for an undergraduate,” she says.

ONU offers opportunities to develop outside of the classroom with research opportunities for undergrads, clubs to fit anyone’s interests, and events every weekend, too.

“Studying abroad after my sophomore year changed me for the better. Modern language majors have to do a capstone studying abroad. I’m so grateful that this is a requirement, because I would have never done it otherwise.”