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Alec Flemming

When your passions combine, you can go further than you ever thought possible.

Alec Flemming knew he wanted to be an engineer. But as a lifelong musician, he also had a desire to continue his musical education. When he started at ONU, he discovered an environment that allowed him to pursue all of his passions, even if they were outside of his engineering curriculum. Because he was able to explore his interests, he crafted a learning experience that kept him challenged and helped him grow personally and professionally.

As an engineering student, Alec was excited to learn about Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS). In his freshman year, he was able to work with a team of students and professors to build a life-size replica of the Mars rover Curiosity for the Armstrong Air and Space Museum.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And he was able to achieve it his freshman year.

Since then, he has participated in the EPICS program every year and will be using what he’s worked on as his Senior Capstone Project, a comprehensive final self-designed by students. When he goes out into the world, Alec will be ready for anything – thanks to his time here at ONU.