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Leaders' Council

The purpose of Leaders' Council is to bring together leaders of various student organizations to promote student leadership development at Ohio Northern University by:

  • Providing avenues for potential and current leaders with leadership resources.
  • Serving as a student advisory board for the Office of Student Involvement.
  • Coordinating with the Office of Student Involvement, organizational and individual leadership programs.

The council was formed in 2002 as an outcome of a University-leadership taskforce with the intention of promoting leadership development at ONU. Since then, Leaders’ Council has brought many leadership programs to campus, including leadership speakers like Larry Banaszak, Steve Gilliland and Joseph Williams. Leaders' Council plans and runs organizational workshops that target group communication and membership development. Leaders' Council also hosts the Annual Networking Dinner, as a means to facilitate cooperation across various student organizations, and its Annual Leadership Week each spring. The council also offers individual leadership development workshops with The Leadership Experience (LX) program as well as full group training through organizational retreat workshops. The council is continuously expanding both aspects of organizational and individual leadership development, offering newer workshops and developing more innovative leadership programs. Whether it's organizing a leadership seminar or facilitating a goal-setting and planning session, Leaders’ Council will work closely with your group to determine topics that specifically target your organization’s need.

To learn more about Leaders’ Council or to collaborate with Leaders’ Council, please contact or any of our members.


Division of Student Affairs

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