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Student Organizations

More than 200 student organizations provide opportunities to share common interests, strengthen connections within the university, develop leadership skills and create lifelong friendships. Of those student organizations, 11 are “housed” within the Office of Multicultural Development.  You can learn more about each organization at the Annual Welcome Fest, the Opening the Way Multicultural Reception, or by attending an organization’s meeting or program.  We encourage you get involved with one or more of these organizations, and take advantage of these opportunities for growth in and outside the classroom.

African Student Association (ASA)

ASA seeks to bring awareness to the African Diaspora, and celebrate African heritage. The organization's signature event is the African Gala. 

Asian American Student Union (AASU)

AASU sponsors activities and initiatives to promote and educate the campus community about Asian culture.  Some of AASU’s highlighted events include the Chinese New Year celebration, and the annual Chop Sticks night.

Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU works to create unity within the African-American community by equipping them with tangible skills to use in the future.  Some of BSU’s highlighted events are the Black History Month celebration, and the annual Black and White Ball. 

Gospel Ensemble (GE)

Make a joyful noise!  The Gospel Ensemble aims to spread the Word of God through song while observing its motto of “winning souls to Christ with a melody.”  One of Gospel Ensemble’s highlighted events is the Annual Gospel Ensemble Celebration.

Indian Student Association (ISA)

ISA strives to enrich the cultural heritage at ONU by promoting the awareness of Indian and other international communities.  ISA’s highlighted events are the annual Diwali and Holi celebrations.

Japanese Student Organization (JSO)

JSO celebates Japanese language and culture, and seeks to increase the understanding of Japanese awareness across campus. One of JSO's signature events is the Sakura (Tree) Planting Ceremony. If you are on campus, we invite you view the cherry blossom tree area along College Avenue.

Latino Student Union (LSU)

LSU functions as an educational and cultural learning instrument for students, faculty, and staff through the promotion of the Hispanic/ Latino/a culture.  LSU celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month each September by hosting programs and an annual speaker series.

Open Doors

Open Doors is the gay/straight alliance that fosters communication and understanding about the LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and ally) community.  Open Doors hosts many events each year, including the annual Rubi Affair.  Open Doors also offers Ally Training each semester to faculty and staff members.

World Student Organization (WSO)

WSO consist of both international and domestic students who represent a wide array of cultural backgrounds, and strives to create a “family-oriented” atmosphere at ONU.  WSO events include the annual Multicultural Fair, which features dance, music, food and educational booths, and it is attended by ONU members as well as members of the Ada and surrounding communities.  

ONU Brother 2 Brother (B2B)

B2B, a national organization composed of male students, addresses the needs, concerns, and challenges that young men encounter pertaining to increasing the retention and graduation rates of this population.  B2B provides a sense of community and supports the diversity efforts of Ohio Northern University.  B2B hosts on/off-campus events and connects with other B2B & SAAB chapters both within the region and nationally.   

ONU Sister 2 Sister (S2S)

Ohio Northern University boasts the first chapter of S2S in the state of Ohio! The sister organization to B2B, S2S seeks to address the needs and concerns that young women encounter pertaining to increasing the retention and graduation rates among this population. S2S provides a community of support, and connects with other S2S & SAAS chapters across the nation.