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External Scholarships & Opportunities

Students who reflect and embrace the diversity of American and world cultures may be especially competitive for certain nationally and internationally competitive awards and opportunities. The document below identifies some of these and discusses why you might wish to pursue these awards and how you can make yourself competitive for these opportunities.

why do these things?

They're fun, interesting, and help you learn!
They develop in you a habit of success.
They prepare you for the next stage in your journey.
In doing so, you demonstrate characteristics desired by employers, graduate and professional schools, and scholarship review committees.

different types of awards

Start looking early to find awards that match your needs, interests, and circumstances.

Undergraduate or graduate?
Need-based or merit-based?
Summer or school-year?
Domestic or abroad?
Broad-based or focused?
Open to all students or preferencing underrepresented students?

What are they looking for?

While different programs look for different qualities in their applicants (for instance, one program might prioritize scientific research, another might value public service, while a third might be most concerned about leadership potential), here are some excellent ways you can show you've got the desired characteristics.

Academics: Get good grades in tough classes 
Service: Serve your community and your world
Research: Conduct research in your discipline
World wisdom: Go (study, work, serve, research, teach, etc.) abroad
Leadership: Lead others to accomplish worthy goals
Internship: Engage in professional internships
Publication: Present your research and publish your writing

Helpful Northern Resources

Ms. Mary Drzycimski-Finn
207 Dukes Memorial
Twitter: @PolarSuccess

Polar Careers
McIntosh Center, 2nd floor
Twitter: @ONUCareer

The Writing Center
Heterick Memorial Library, 2nd floor