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Dimension Award Scholars

The motto of Ohio Northern University is Ex diversitate vires, or “out of diversity strength.”  We, at Ohio Northern University, are committed to diversity and to recruiting students from all segments of society.  We truly believe in providing the proper support needed for success from entry, during their matriculation and on to graduation and beyond.

The purpose of the Dimension Award Scholars program is to offer financial assistance, social programming, and academic support to incoming freshmen and transfers students who are from racial or ethnic backgrounds currently underrepresented at ONU.  The Dimension Award Scholars program will also facilitate the formation of a support network, comprised of students, faculty, and staff that will strengthen their academic and social growth and development.  Through this program, students will be able to forge friendships and connections that will last throughout their academic career as well as throughout their lives. 

Some of the programs that we offer are:

  • Opening the Way Multicultural Reception- scholars will be able to meet upperclass Dimension Award Scholars and International students, interact with other ONU community members, as well as the University President, and learn how they can become engaged on campus through one of the student organizations within the Office of Multicultural Development. This is a required event for all incoming freshman and transfer Dimension Award Scholars.
  • Reality Check Points- scholars will engage with our Counseling and Health services staff as well as other students to determine the current position of their social barometers, and to gain useful knowledge of how to be more proactive pertaining to their social and physical health and well-being.
  • Financial Aid Preparation and Education sessions- scholars will learn more about the financial aid process, how to review their annual financial aid awards, and how to assist their families in completing the financial aid process.

Dimension Award Scholars must annually meet all of the following criteria to maintain their full award amount:

  • Maintain good academic standing as prescribed by your academic program/the college in which you are enrolled in order to achieve your academic goals and graduate in a timely manner.
  • Involve yourself in at least one co-curricular cultural student organization in order to develop and expand your leadership skills as well as enrich your social and cultural experience.  The list of organizations may include, but is not limited to a cultural organization, such as the Black Student Union, Indian Student Association, Asian American Student Union, Latino Student Union, Muslim Student Association, Open Doors, World Student Organization, Brother 2 Brother, etc.  This would include regularly attending the meetings and events of the organization(s) in which you are involved.
  • Meet formally once a semester with a member of the Multicultural Development staff.  Information will be sent to you via email on how to schedule your appointment each semester.  
  • Take advantage of at least three (3) events, activities, and initiatives organized and/or hosted by the Office of Multicultural Development per semester
  • Submit a “Statement of Achievement” annually during the Spring semester before or on April 15th.  A Statement of Achievement form will be sent to you via email each Spring semester.  

All Dimension Award Scholars should complete the following Dimension Award Scholars Requirement Acknowledgement prior to their first semester meeting. You can access this form electronically here: