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Undergraduate Research

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Year Title Researcher(s)
2005 "Rouge Masque: Theatrics in Nazi Life" Patricia Heany
2006 "Self Control and Drunk Driving" Autumn Long and Scott Wolfe
2006 "State Party Chairs and Financial Contributions" Jason Scarborough
2006 "Presidential Electors and Voting Discretion" Tiffany Ferry, Adam Gallagher, Brittani Knisely, Steve Kochheiser, Matt Oyster, Barbie Tate
2006 "Language Policy's Affect on Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka" Dana M. Weigel
2006 "The Function of Martyrdom in Sixteenth Century Anabaptism" Allison Short
2006 "Early Christian Ireland: A Conversion of Culture" Brad Mollmann
2006 "Siberian Exile in Late Tsarist Russia" Laurie Lotz
2006 "The Red Scare and Press Coverage of the American Intervention in the Russian Civil War, 1918-1920" Jared Ross Hardesty
2006 "The Birth of a Prince" Chris DiFrancesco