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Withdrawal Information

Dropping Courses from Schedule or Withdrawal from the University

The student is responsible for the courses and section for which he or she is officially registered.  

Courses dropped within the first three weeks of a semester will not appear on official reports; courses officially dropped after the third week of the semester will be marked as “W” (official withdrawal).

Courses may be dropped after the end of the 12th week of a semester to the beginning of final examination week with approval of the dean of the college of enrollment but will be approved only for reason of unusual circumstances beyond the control of the student. The instructor of the course will be notified promptly of withdrawals approved after the end of the ninth week of a semester and the beginning of finals. The instructor may make inquiry to the dean of the college of enrollment concerning the circumstances and will be provided the rationale with sensitivity for the student’s right to privacy.

Courses may be dropped or a complete withdrawal processed after the beginning of the final examinations or thereafter with approval of the instructor of the course, the dean of the college offering the course, and the dean of the college of the student’s enrollment. In the event that there is disagreement with the withdrawal by any of these persons, and the disagreement cannot be resolved, the vice president for academic affairs will provide a decision and inform all parties directly involved. The vice president for academic affairs will report to the Committee on Academic Affairs all withdrawals after the beginning of the final examination week that were not approved by the dean of the college of the student’s enrollment, dean of the college offering the course, and the instructor of the course.

For courses scheduled for less than a semester in length, equivalent periods for registration changes will be established by the University registrar.

Changes of schedule (add-drop) and complete withdrawals are official on the date received in the Office of the Registrar. Courses or sections dropped or added without proper approvals will result in no credit for the course added and an “F” for the course dropped.

A student who wishes to withdraw from all courses for which the student is registered for a semester may do so by initiating an official withdrawal with the student’s advisor and submitting the withdrawal form to the following offices for signature: dean of the college of enrollment (if the dean’s signature is obtained without the advisor’s signature, it is assumed that the signature of the advisor is waived), Office of Residence Life if the student is residing in a University residence hall, and the controller’s office. After obtaining the proper signatures, the student must process the form with the Office of the Registrar to be official. Discontinuance of attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal. Failure to officially withdraw will result in failure (F or U) for each course scheduled.

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