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Transfer, AP, CLEP, and IB Credits

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Transfer Work Policies

Ohio Northern University accepts coursework for transfer credit from accredited institutions if a grade of 'C' (2.00 on a 4.00 scale) or better was earned in the course and the content applies toward the student's intended course of study at ONU. Only credit, not grades, transfer. Transfer credit can be accepted from institutions lacking regional accreditation but having accreditation by an agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

  • It is the applicant student’s responsibility to provide the required documentation necessary for determining the acceptability of work for transfer credit at ONU.
  • Credit may be accepted only upon the recommendation of the specific ONU department or college in which the coursework is appropriate.
  • Before credit is awarded, previous coursework may be subject to validation by examination if recommended by the appropriate ONU college or department.

Under normal circumstances, transfer-credit evaluations are done only after the student has been accepted to ONU and then just prior to registration for a term or an orientation day. Official documents received by ONU directly from the issuing institution are required for all transfer-credit evaluations. If the student applies to ONU, provides official transcripts to ONU, and requests the admissions office to have an evaluation of transfer work, a preliminary evaluation of a transcript will be performed and the results sent to the appropriate college dean for communication with the prospective student. If official documentation is not provided or there is no specific request from the admissions office, no preliminary evaluation will be performed. If the work is from other than one of our feeder schools, as listed on the Office of the Registrar Web site, the student must provide course descriptions or syllabi to assist in the evaluation. If a specific course from one of our feeder schools is not listed for that institution on the Web site, a course description or a course syllabi must be provided by the student. If the course work has not already been articulated by ONU and a course description or a syllabus is not provided, the work would most likely result in being listed as ### rather than a specific ONU course number. Credits to be transferred must be graded C (2.00) or higher and must apply toward the student's intended course of study.

Only credit transfers, no grades and GPA.

Concealment of previous attendance at a college or university is cause for cancellation of admission and registration.

Transcripts from each post-secondary institution previously attended, sent directly to Ohio Northern by U.S. Postal Service are required. If information appears to the left of the course subject code that indicates the course is part of a group or sequence of courses that must be taken in order to have the transfer credit accepted as indicated on the right side of the screen. A faculty member should check Banner directly to determine the specific group or sequence of courses. Students must contact their academic dean and complete a Transient Approval form before taking work at another college or university. There can be limitations and restrictions on credit accepted towards a major.
Click here for information on Transient Status policies and procedures.


  1. Credit in business-related areas from two-year institutions is not equated to upper-level (3000- or 4000-level) courses in The James F. Dicke College of Business Administration.
  2. Courses claimed to contain engineering content will only be transferable to the T.J. Smull College of Engineering at Ohio Northern University if they are part of an ABET-accredited engineering program.
  3. Coursework to be transferred in as equivalent to Introductory Chemistry 1 or 2 (CHEM 1711 or 1721) or Organic Chemistry 1 or 2 (CHEM 2511 or 2521) must be appropriate courses from an institution with an ACS-accredited chemistry department.
  4. It is also important to note that courses taken at other Ohio schools may not transfer into Ohio Northern University as equivalents.  


International Transfer Work 

Students wishing to transfer work in from colleges and universities outside of the United States must submit an official transcript, translated into English, if necessary.  If the credentials are not in English and must be translated, the student will pay for the cost of the evaluation. Evaluations/official transcripts must be mailed directly to Ohio Northern University from the evaluation service/educational institution.  Copies issued to students will not be accepted as official.

Ohio Northern University accepts evaluations by any of the following foreign credential evaluation services:

Members of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) found at (not including FORMER members), or AACRAO IES (International Education Services) whose website is

Credit by Special Institutional or Required Placement Examination

Examinations are employed both to provide assistance in placing students at the appropriate level in certain areas of study and to provide an opportunity for students to obtain credit for previously learned skills.

In certain subject areas, students are required to take a placement examination. There is no charge to take that examination or for placement. The student who is seeking a degree at ONU can use the test results of those examinations to obtain credit. In that case, the student is required to pay an administrative or credit fee. For one course (up to five credits), only an administrative fee is charged; there is no credit fee. For all subsequent courses, there is a per credit hour fee charged (the administrative fee is included in the credit charge).

In certain subject areas, a full-time undergraduate student who is seeking a degree at ONU can request a Special Examination for Credit. There is an administrative fee charged which must be paid before the examination can be taken. The student may wish to use the test results of those examinations to obtain credit. In that case, the student may be required to pay an additional credit fee. For one course (up to five credits), there is no credit fee. For all subsequent courses, there is a per credit fee charged (the administrative fee is included in the credit charge).

The examination is evaluated as either “S” (satisfactory) or “U” (unsatisfactory). Only satisfactory evaluations are recorded on the student record. Results of examinations do not affect the student’s cumulative grade point average. Satisfactory examination results will be recorded as either “PL” or “XM.” “PL” indicates the examination satisfies the appropriate graduation and/or prerequisite requirements of the course(s) with no hours earned towards graduation. “XM” indicates that credit hours are earned for the specified course(s).

Permission for a special examination requires formal application using a form obtained from the Office of the Registrar. The application must be approved by (1) the student’s academic advisor; (2) the academic dean of the student’s college of registration, and (3) the chair of the department in which the course is offered. Such examination shall not be approved for courses which the student has previously audited, completed or failed at this or another institution nor for courses which are prerequisite to any course for which the student has earned credit nor for courses for which the student has previously attempted credit by examination unsuccessfully.

After all required approvals have been obtained, in the order required on the form, and appropriate fees paid, an examiner is assigned by the department chair. The student shall arrange for the examination with the examiner. The examination must be approved, given, evaluated, and the results reported to the Office of the Registrar prior to the end of the “W” period of the semester in which the examination is administered.

Payment of an “administration fee” is required in the controller’s office prior to taking a special examination. The “credit hour fee” is 50 percent of the tuition charge per credit hour as charged to part-time students as listed in the university catalog at the time of the payment of the fee. The “administration fee” is applied toward the “credit hour fee.” One course, maximum of five hours, is not assessed the “credit hour fee.”

Credit earned by examination after having achieved senior (SR) or P6 status is not applicable toward graduation. A maximum total of thirty (30) hours of credit earned by special examination, externally administered or ONU special examination, can be recorded and applied toward a baccalaureate degree. Post-baccalaureate students in the Doctor of Pharmacy program who plan to seek credit by examination for one or more rotations because of professional experience must complete the examination(s) prior to their initial enrollment in PHPR 6501 - Advanced Practice Rotations.

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