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Tips for Building a Class Schedule

When building a class schedule, there are three important things to keep in mind:

  1. Classes required for graduation
  2. Number of sections offered
  3. Times offered for classes

With these three things in mind a simple outline has been made to help you find and organize your schedule better. 

  1. To be considered a full-time student, you must be scheduled for 12 credit hours of class.
  2. Overloading a class schedule is considered to have a schedule with more than 19 credits. A student must have dean's approval to do so.

Schedule Required Classes

  • Retrieve a list of required classes from your advisor.
  • Look to see what classes from this list of required classes are offered for the term for which you are scheduling.
    • Check to see if you meet all requirements for these classes (prerequisites). 
  • If you meet all the requirements for a class and it is offered during the term you are scheduling, then now is most likely the time to take this required class. 

Schedule Open Time Slots

  • With a list of classes you would like to take or are required to take, arrange the classes into time brackets.
  • Required classes should not overlap. If they do, you will need to decide if this term is the best time to schedule for that class.
  • Remove any non-required classes that conflict with your required classes from your list of possible class choices.
  • Keep removing classes from your list until you have a comfortable class schedule, or if you do not have enough classes to fill your schedule, look in the Banner schedule/catalog search for classes that fall into available time slots. 

Scheduling Process

  • During the scheduling process or during online scheduling, it is important to schedule for classes with the fewest number of sections first.
  • This is done to help ensure that you will be able to schedule all your desired classes.

Remember that overrides can be issued by the department chair or dean to help ensure that you get into required classes.

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