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Student Registration Windows

Students register during one semester for the next semester on the Web or in person in the Office of the Registrar.

Each student is assigned a registration window, with the starting time based upon the number of hours completed. The underlying logic is fairness to all students, the fact that the more hours a student has, the closer the student is to degree completion, the less time the student has to complete courses, and the fewer options the student has in terms of course selection. Each registration window has a limited number of students assigned to it as a means of implementing priority registration, allowing better response time for colleges or departments to react to unanticipated student demands for courses offered and allowing the Office of the Registrar staff more time to assist students who have more problems and for whom fewer scheduling options exist.

On the ONU Office of the Registrar Web page a Schedule/Catalog Search  is available for each term. A brief overview has been provided on the page if you are unfamiliar with how to use the Schedule/Catalog Search..

This information is updated the moment you check it. The day and time of the update is shown at the top of each subject page. As classes are added, deleted, or have changes in time or days or room or faculty, this information will also be reflected in the information displayed on the Web.

 Within the Web registration process accessed by the ONU portal, Self-Service Banner, there is the ability to:

  1. Print a schedule of your classes organized by day and time
  2. Look up classes in a dynamic mode, specifying a subject, course number, start time or end time and make adjustments to your schedule as appropriate.

The registration process will enforce course prerequisites and restrictions on enrollment based on major and class.










































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