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Registration Information

Students registered in one term are able to register for a following term(s). The higher the student's number of earned hours, the closer the student is to graduation, and hence the student has a better opportunity at course selection. Each student is assigned a starting time to register for the next term based upon the percentage of his or her program which the student has completed

A limited numbers of students are assigned to each registration window so that each student can complete the registration process in a timely manner and can receive needed assistance in the registration process from the staff of the Office of the Registrar. Students can register beginning at the assigned starting time or at any later time within the published registration dates and hours.

Students can make adjustments to their class schedules within the published registration dates and hours. When meeting with his or her advisor for academic advising, each student will be provided the assigned registration time period and an ALT_PIN, which is necessary when registering on the Web.

The Office of the Controller will place a HOLD on the record of a student with an outstanding balance. A HOLD can prevent:

  • Registration for a term
  • Release of an ONU transcript
  • Release of an ONU diploma at commencement


Important Points to Remember During Registration

  • Read the information and instructions in the registration information provided. It can save needless frustration.
  • Make sure that your ONU ID number is correct on all registration forms.
  • Use the proper CRN, subject code, course and section numbers on all forms.
  • If you change the section number of a course on your course request, you must also change the CRN.
  • Have alternate courses (not alternate sections) ready for courses known to close early. Be sure to list these with the CRNs.
  • Check the class offerings on the Web to insure that the courses you plan to request have not been changed.
  • For time conflicts in your schedule, be sure that you have made arrangements with the involved professors prior to registration. You must also have your dean's signature.
Registrar's Office

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