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Mission and Vision

The mission of the Department of Public Safety is to protect students, faculty, staff and visitors as well as to preserve personal and the University's property from damage and loss.


The Department of Public Safety is here to enhance the quality of life at Ohio Northern University by maintaining a safe and secure environment conducive to the educational, professional and personal growth of all members of the campus community. We will work to foster community trust, mutual respect and cooperation. The department will provide expertise and educational services in the areas of self-protection, crime prevention, personal security, workplace safety and environmental health.

The responsibility for developing and maintaining a safe, secure and welcoming environment belongs to all members of the campus community. Within this context, we will strive to support the needs of the individual as well as the philosophy of Ohio Northern University.


To meet our mission, the Department of Public Safety will protect the University community and the constitutional rights of its members so that the University can achieve its primary function – the pursuit of education. The Department of Public Safety will meet these challenges by:

  • Enforcing the rules and regulations set fourth by the Board of Trustees, the president and other authorities of the University
  • Maintaining order and keeping the peace
  • Safeguarding lives and property
  • Preventing and detecting crime
  • Helping those in need


Through integrity, innovation and enthusiasm, we will identify and meet the challenges of our increasingly diverse community by building partnerships that enhance the security and quality of life of those we serve.


To achieve our purpose, we will:

  • Value safety and security as a partnership with the community we serve
  • Consider our purpose to be a valued trust that requires the highest level of commitment and professional conduct from all our members
  • Appreciate the need to work closely and effectively with a culturally and socially diverse campus population
  • Treat everyone with courtesy, respect, compassion and professionalism
  • Support the mission of Ohio Northern University