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Crime Prevention and Education

The Department of Public Safety believes that education is the key to crime prevention. As a service to the campus community, officers coordinate and present programs emphasizing safety and security. The programs can be tailored to suit the specific topics and time needs of the group requesting the training. Some presentations may include local experts in certain topic areas.  For further information or to schedule a presentation, please email

Alice Training (active shooter): Designed for faculty, staff and students utilizing specific buildings on campus. This is a four-hour interactive training. Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Training is typically scheduled during a campus break.

             ALICE -5Tips for College Students

Crime Prevention: General crime prevention will be discussed covering a wide array of topic areas. This is a broad overview of personal safety and awareness while on campus.

Personal Protection and Self-Defense: The program will address options for male and female students who are physically attacked. The options will include verbal and physical responses to assault utilizing the appropriate use of force. Interactive training; please wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

Personal Protection for Women: Women will be taught the safest way to respond to and escape physical assaults from larger, stronger suspects.  Interactive training; please wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

Fire Safety: Students, faculty and staff will learn to recognize fire hazards in their areas and appropriate evacuation procedures.

ONU Emergency Response: This training is designed to familiarize participants with the University’s response plan and their role in an emergency. 


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