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The Ohio Northern Promise

The Ohio Northern Promise ensures that higher education, historically a key enabler of social mobility, remains accessible and affordable for bright young students and their families. Our path to Affordable Excellence includes a four-year graduation guarantee*, hands-on high-impact learning as a core component of every academic major, and sustained job placement and graduate and professional school admissions rates for graduates.

*Available across most undergraduate programs


Pledge to stay on track, and we promise that you will graduate in four years.

Students across most undergraduate programs will complete their bachelor’s degrees in four years. This is a campus-wide commitment from the University. ONU guarantees that, as a first-time freshmen enrolled in a program designed to be completed in four years, you will graduate in four years. If it takes longer than four years (through no fault of your own), there will be no additional tuition cost for completing your degree.

To maintain eligibility, you must successfully complete a minimum of 30 credits per year (fall and spring). If you switch majors, the guarantee may hold if the new major can be completed during the guarantee period. Please note that the four-year graduation guarantee is not available to transfer students.

If you meet all the conditions of the four-year guarantee but are unable to graduate after eight semesters, ONU will offer one of the following alternatives:

  1. Allow the fulfillment of your degree requirements (and enable you to graduate in four years) by substituting different courses or an independent study assignment as determined by the department and the college offering your major.
  2. Allow you to delay a four-year graduation path, in which case ONU will waive the tuition and mandatory fees applicable for you to complete up to 16 semester credits within the next academic year.

Most of the University’s degree programs are designed to be completed in eight semesters. Some degree programs may involve either higher credit hour requirements, a ninth semester for a required internship or the passing of an external examination for licensing. If you choose one of these programs, you will not be eligible to participate in this guarantee.

Details and guidelines

If you are a first-time freshman, you will receive information about this program before Welcome Weekend so that you can explore the guarantee’s details and guidelines. A copy of the guarantee's terms is available here.


Roll up your sleeves inside the classroom and out

The academic mission of the University has not changed. Our tradition of providing students with high-impact education opportunities has continued and expanded under The Ohio Northern Promise.

Every day, we instill our students with a passion for learning. But it goes beyond that; we also believe in engaging and empowering our students through an abundance of experiential learning opportunities that happen outside the classroom.

We refer to it as high-impact learning – where students have the chance to roll up their sleeves, apply the knowledge they’ve gained, and actually solve challenges and develop solutions in a hands-on environment. It’s our hands-on “experiential learning” philosophy, and we build it into every academic program at Ohio Northern University.


Prepare to put your degree to work.

Ohio Northern University graduates have consistently experienced a 95 percent job and graduate school placement rate within six months of graduation. Even in the recent tough labor market, this trend continues.

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