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Made in Ada

The third annual “Made in Ada Wilson Football Festival” celebrated the fact that Ada’s Wilson Sporting Goods factory makes the footballs used in the Super Bowl. The events of the day led up to a “football drop" to mark the start of the 2018 NFL season.

Junior Bridget Mahoney and senior Hallie Heffernan, right, laugh after the ball drop.

Chantel Dunlap of Gibsonburg, Ohio-based Chantel and the Thirsty Monkeys sings on stage.

Event emcee Dusty Donley check the raffle ticket of his wife, Jennifer Donley, Ohio Northern University cataloging and knowledge architect librarian.

4-year-old Jamarcus St. Laurent throws a football outside the depot.

Beth Fenton, a 1997 Ohio Northern University College of Law graduate, watches her football being stitched together.

Wilson employee Kaitlin Long stitches a football.

Footballs are stored before being stitched together.

The large football hangs from a crane in Ada.

Wilson employee Pam Boutwell laces up a football.

Village administrator Jamie Hall removes the ball after the festivities.