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Made in Ada

The second annual “Made in Ada Wilson Football Festival” celebrated the fact that Ada’s Wilson Sporting Goods factory makes the footballs used in the Super Bowl. The events of the day led up to a “football drop” just prior to midnight on the cusp of Super Bowl Sunday.

Second-year pharmacy student Chelsea Travis carries third-year pharmacy student Cassandra Goodman.

Ada resident Kaden Guinn, 11, takes a swing at a football shaped piñata.

Amy Eddings draws a raffle number.

Rick Eddy a 1998 Ohio Northern University College of Law graduate plays with his band Jive Turkeys at Viva Maria's.

Freshman Trevor Bert runs through tires.

Ohio Northern University head football coach Dean Paul leads the discussion during an analysis of the two teams in the Super Bowl.

Sophomore cheerleader Ireland Hoffman, left, cheers from the stage.