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Residency Teaching Certificate Program

Program History and Description

Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy began offering a Residency Teaching Certificate Program (RTCP) in 2009. Pharmacy residents in their following careers, whether directly in academia or in other practice areas, will provide education in a variety of forms to not only student pharmacists, but also to a wider audience including the community, patients and other healthcare professionals. Despite this fact, few if any residents have had formal instruction in pharmacy education. The RTCP is designed for PGY1 and PGY2 residents of affiliated residencies and is organized by faculty of Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy. The purpose of the program is to promote pharmacy education and train future faculty and preceptors, to enhance and diversify residency experiences and to strengthen and maintain relationships with affiliated teaching sites.


The main purpose of the ONU RTCP is to develop successful educators while increasing resident knowledge and self-confidence in their teaching abilities. The program’s goal will be accomplished by providing pharmacy residents with engaging content and practical experiences both in and out of a formal classroom setting. The resident will participate in on-campus workshops, training seminar days, structured teaching experiences and topic discussions. Each resident will complete activities framed around the three pillars of academia: teaching, service and scholarship. Teaching experiences may include large and small room lectures, breakout sessions and/or case discussions, assessment day evaluation, participation in an outreach event and completion of a teaching portfolio. While the resident is working on each of these areas of development, they will work under the mentorship of a current faculty member who will provide assistance, instruction and advice as needed to ensure that the program goals are being successfully achieved.


1. Develop an essential understanding of different evidenced-based teaching skills and practices, learning styles and theories behind different educational practices.   

2. Pursue a strong mentor relationship with a current faculty member to assist in the resident’s growth as an educator and completion of the certificate program.

3. Compile a complete and thorough, active teaching portfolio to reflect activities completed in relation to the RTCP.

4. Reflect on and create an individualized teaching philosophy.

5. Exhibit proficiency in the ability to research, design, create and deliver content to a small and large room of students. This includes the development of learning objectives and assessment questions and incorporating active learning. 

6. Demonstrate competence in assessing student performance efficiently and effectively in a variety of settings, including examination questions, student assessment days, communication exercises and written student work in a Capstone course.

7. Feel comfortable and confident in utilizing skills from the program for future academic endeavors or with student precepting.

Components of the RTCP

Seminar Days

1. Seminar days will focus on Teaching, Service and Research.

2. Teaching: Residents will attend five seminar days on campus throughout the year, during which a variety of evidenced-based teaching topics and strategies will be discussed by a variety of faculty members.

3. Service: Residents will participate in service activities at the college and university level.

4. Research: Residents will work on a research project to be presented at the Ohio Pharmacy Resident Conference (OPRC) with the opportunity for peer and faculty review during seminar days

Teaching Portfolio

Residents will create a thorough portfolio that documents and highlights their completion of academic related requirements which occur outside of Seminar Days.


1. Residents are assigned a teaching mentor to help them grow and develop in their academic-related skills.

2. The mentor will directly assist residents with the development of their large room lecture and assessment questions.

Emily Eddy, PharmD
RTCP Committee Co-Chair
Lindsey Peters, PharmD, BCPS, TTS
RTCP Committee Co-Chair
Brittany Long, PharmD, CTTS
RTCP Committee Co-Chair

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Robertson-Evans 204
525 S. Main St.
Ada, OH 45810

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Robertson-Evans 214
525 S. Main St.
Ada, OH 45810
Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Robertson-Evans 211
525 S. Main St.
Ada, OH 45810


FAQ Section

What are the requirements?

There are several requirements that must be completed to grant a certificate of successful completion of the Residency Teaching Certificate Program (RTCP). Residents must attend all seminar days during the program, successfully complete teaching activities and document the activities in a teaching portfolio. Faculty involved in the RTCP will review resident portfolios, teaching evaluations and student feedback as part of the decision to award the certificate. All participants will receive feedback on their teaching performance and portfolio.

When and where does the program meet?

The seminars are day-long workshops that take place at the Ohio Northern Raabe College of Pharmacy. The seminar days will take place on campus and will happen during both fall and spring semesters. Most teaching experiences will take place during the didactic curriculum at Ohio Northern.

What teaching opportunities exist beyond the RTCP?

Each participant will be given several opportunities to practice and refine their teaching skills. Beyond the required activities, residents will be given ample opportunity to evaluate, teach and precept students. Faculty members will do their best to provide as many opportunities in a variety of settings for all interested residents.

Where do participants typically go from here?

There is a wide variety in career placement for the residents following their completion of the RTCP. All residents are involved in educating others and use the skills they learned through this program. Residents may serve as preceptors for IPPE and APPE experiences, educate the community through patient counseling or work as a faculty member at a college of pharmacy!

Who are the current resident participants?

Resident Residency Site
Jenna Mills Lima Memorial
Kelly Huston Lima Memorial
Adrian McKinney Blanchard Valley
Dustie Zimmerman Mercy St. Charles
Micaela Bresler Mary Rutan
Corbin Sypult Firelands
Ashley Zupancic ONU HealthWise
Morgan Borders ONU HealthWise
Logan Conkey Grandview Medical Center
Bianca Dodgen Grandview Medical Center
Logan Conley St. Rita's Medical Center
Alicia Sawmiller St. Rita's Medical Center
Katelyn Schneeg St. Rita's Medical Center
Jessica Thorburn Marion General
Caleb VonStein Marion General


What faculty are involved in the program?

Many Ohio Northern University faculty are involved in the residency teaching certificate as either RTCP committee members, mentors or content experts. The co-chairs of the committee coordinate and organize the program and are extremely passionate about the education of future pharmacists. They have attended conferences focused on evidence-based methods for effective program design, teaching, assessment and implementation. They are currently conducting multiple research projects focused on teaching certificate programs and have presented their results at state and national conferences.