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Frequently Asked Academic Questions

General FAQs

How many hours can I take before my tuition increases?
You may take up to 19 hours without additional charge (20 if the extra hour is an activity, course, sports, music, etc.). After 20 hours, the tuition charge is based on 75% of the normal hourly rate.

How many AP credits can I get from high school?
College credit will be issued by Ohio Northern University for AP work in high school based on the AP examination score. There is 45 hour limit and eligibility as outlined on the ONU registrar's home page. Students have the opportunity to accept this credit or deny it and take the course at ONU.

How do I get an overload into a class that is full?
Once class registration is at the pre-set capacity, no further students will be registered. In order to get in this class, you must receive permission from that course's instructor. This permission is an overload slip which will give you permission to register. It is not always possible to get an overload due to physical space limitations.

Why are courses listed on the web but the class limit is set at zero?
These courses may not be offered that term without sufficient interest OR permission of the instructor is necessary for each student to be registered (i.e. a senior seminar course in a particular major).

Is my advisor the only person that can sign an add/drop slip?
You should see your advisor when adding or dropping a course so that they can make sure you on still on track with your academic plan. If your advisor is not available, you can check with the dean’s office.

What is the average number of hours I need each term in order to graduate?
You must complete 216 semester hours in order to qualify for your degree in pharmacy. This works out to an average of 18 hours per semester – assuming no AP, post-secondary, or dual enrollment credit.

I got an F in chemistry. What do I do?
You must earn a “C” or better in all courses you take at Ohio Northern, so you must repeat the course as soon as possible so that you can stay on track. You may repeat the course here or you may take the course at an ACS-approved chemistry program elsewhere (this would need to be approved in the Dean’s Office).

How do I get approval to transfer a course from another school?
You are welcome to take required courses at other accredited institutions. Chemistry must be taken at an ACS-accredited school. Please review the general University policies for transfer credit. You must first get the course approved by completing a Transient Request Form and attaching a syllabus from the requested course. The registrar has a list of many courses approved for transfer from a variety of other institutions. This is not an inclusive list. Even if your course is on this list - you still need an approved Transient Request Form.

How do I change my major?
If you are planning to leave or enter pharmacy, you will need to see your advisor, and then get the signature of the dean, associate dean, or assistant dean on a Change of College Form. You will complete a Change of Major when you visit the dean's office at the college you will be entering. If you are planning to enter another college, you will need to be accepted by that program.

How do I add a major or a minor to my pharmacy degree program?
Start by visiting your advisor to determine the space available in your program for additional courses. The earlier you begin this process, the better. Your elective hours could be used toward the minor or major. You should then meet with the department chair of the major/minor area of interest in order to see if your goal is a workable plan. If possible, both your advisor and the department chair could meet together with you to work out the curricular plan. You must complete a Declaration of Major/Minor Form, have it signed, and turn it in to the registrar.

If I register online, do I still need to meet with my advisor?
You should still meet with your advisor to ensure you are taking courses appropriate to your degree progression.

How do I go about finding a faculty member for independent study or a research experience?
You should probably start by getting your advisor's recommendation, department chairs may also have recommendations of what faculty members are looking for students. After that, it pretty much amounts to seeking out a faculty member who matches up with your interests and time availability.

How do I get tutoring help?
The College of Pharmacy operates a Tutoring Center in Room 212 on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday evenings from 6-9 p.m. The College of Arts & Sciences runs a number of tutoring sessions for all of their courses. This schedule is posted in all buildings and online.

When can I get my pharmacy intern license?
Each state has its own regulations with regard to an Intern's License; for example, Illinois does not have one. Check with the State Board of Pharmacy in the state you are planning to work. If your state is Ohio, you will be eligible to apply after you have completed 60 semester hours. You will be required to get an Ohio Pharmacy Intern License in order to complete your experiential (IPEE & APEE) requirements. ONU students are normally eligible after their P2 year. Stop in the dean’s office for assistance in completing the application forms. Please note that a background check will be required as part of this process.

How do I get a work-study job?
First, you must be eligible through Financial Aid for a work-study position. Polar Careers can assist with the necessary steps to find student employment. 

How do I change my academic advisor?
You will need to find a new advisor and then inquire if that faculty member will accept you as an advisee. If they will, go to Pharmacy Student Services and they will change your advisor and make sure your advising file is moved to the new advisor.