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Ibogaine as an Alternative and Efficacious Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Program length: 0.1 CEU
Target audiences: Pharmacists
Knowledge based activity

EXPIRES: 10/09/2015

This course requires completion of survey and a 70% passing quiz grade to receive certificate.

Universal Activity Number: 0048-0000-12-081-H01-P

Course Cost: $10

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Addiction is a growing problem in society as more people experiment with illicit drugs and fall into drug addiction as a consequence. Addicts tend to exhibit symptoms of drug tolerance with continued abuse and may develop substance dependence. As one continues to use a drug to achieve a “rush” or a “high”, some must use increasing amounts of a given drug to achieve the same high that was experienced previously, depending on the substance used. Many addicts continue to increase doses until drug-induced overdose or death occurs. Addicts are also fueled by the desire to avoid withdrawal symptoms, which may range from nausea and resting tremors to anxiety and insomnia1. If the search for drugs interferes with daily living, this is called substance dependence, as one plans time and resources around acquiring the next hit of drug.


At the completion of this program, the participant will be able to:


1. Discuss current trends in heroin addiction and abuse
2. Explain the routes of administration and accepted dosage range of ibogaine
3. List the proposed mechanisms of action for ibogaine
4. Discuss serious adverse events associated with ibogaine use
5. Describe the differences between ibogaine and 18-methoxycoronaridine

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