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Juror’s Statement

First, let me thank you for asking me to judge this year’s show. I was impressed with it—and enjoyed just standing in the gallery looking at it even in its un-hung state. As a watercolor painter, I was well aware there was thought put from paper to press and from chisel to stone.

There were a few pieces that truly stuck-out to eclipse the rest—and I found myself lingering over them to savor with audience participation. The subsequent discovery was truly appealing with a subject that was personally familiar in a different point of view. I found myself quite more than mildly jealous because, in 1972-77, we didn’t make books!

In this show, I found the process of drawing important as well as the expression of the content. For the most part—both the familiar and the new captivated and kept my eyes—and for some, the content made me linger long enough to make the student helpers probably wish I’d move along.

Thank you so much for the privilege and honor of judging this show.

Laura Barnhardt Corle (BFA ’77)