The Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy has received a grant from Walgreens for $10,000 to promote diversity among student pharmacists and to assist minority students with financial aid. Ryan Wagner and Randy Jennings presented the check from Walgreens while on a trip to the Ada campus. Jennings is a 1998 graduate of the Raabe College of Pharmacy.

The grant includes $2,000 for the development of a Walgreens Diversity and Inclusion Award, which will be given to a student who embraces diversity and promotes diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus. A Walgreens Diversity Scholarship, totaling $3,000, also will be awarded to one student from an underrepresented minority group with an interest in community pharmacy.

The remainder of the grant will be used to develop, implement and support programs that enhance more diversity among the student body.

Steven J. Martin, dean of the College of Pharmacy, said, “We continuously seek to bring a diverse mix of students into our program, which reflects the world that our pharmacist graduates serve. Walgreens has been a strong and committed partner in working toward that goal, and we are appreciative of their financial support for our efforts, and their commitment to hiring pharmacists from diverse backgrounds.”

Walgreens has always shown a strong commitment to programs and initiatives that foster diversity and inclusion within the pharmacy profession and the community. Since 2008, Walgreens has donated more than $1 million annually to support diversity initiatives at schools and colleges of pharmacy.