A Message from ONU LAW SBA

Members of ONU Law and the ONU Community,

I am deeply saddened and extremely troubled with the times and circumstances in which we are living today. Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have met these difficulties as a nation and it will likely not be the last. Specifically, I recognize that the struggles of systemic racism, prejudice, and injustice have burdened our country for far too long, and a change is desperately needed.

It is my hope to impress the significance of the Black Lives Matter movement onto you and all people around us. Our friends and family in the black community are hurting more and more with each passing day, and to you I say: I stand with you. I see your sadness, your anger, and your pain. I feel it too. Dramatic change is long overdue.

Today, we all have a duty to stand up against the unequal treatment of others and come together in unity. The solution begins with us as individuals. Each and every one of us is capable of making a positive impact in any way we can whether its big or small. Take the time to be educated and share with others. Work to create real solutions and never stop until the work is complete.

Together, we can overcome racial inequality. The students at ONU are passionate, intelligent, and driven. We are capable of far more than we may realize at the moment. It may be difficult to do alone, but together, our voices are loud, and our presence is overwhelming.

The Student Bar Association at ONU is dedicated to this cause and supports our black students all the way to the end and back. It will be our mission and objective to contribute to the furtherance of racial equality, justice, and the fair treatment of others. We want to call our students and faculty to rise up and unite in love and compassion every single day. We will do this together.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Gabe D. Rastatter – President, Student Bar Association
Pettit College of Law J.D. Candidate 2021