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Volunteer/Guest Lecturer Information

Volunteer/Guest Lecturer Information

All ONU volunteers and/or guests (lecturers, drivers, contractors, etc.) need to complete the Volunteer/Guest Lecturer Information Form prior to performing any work on campus.  Upon submission of the form, HR will reach out to the volunteer/guest and the supervising department if further information is required.

It is important to funnel all information through the Office of Human Resources for tracking purposes.  We will then get you on the correct path to ensure compliance!

Volunteer/Guest Lecturer Packet


Do club volunteers need to be cleared by HR?

  • Perhaps.  This depends on the nature of the volunteer work:
    • Is the volunteer working with minors without supervision? 
    • Is the volunteer working longer than one week?
    • For example, Ada Friends is an on-going activity and all volunteers are run through HR for background checks as they will be working with minors without supervision.

When a speaker comes to talk with students in a class, would this qualify as a “volunteer”?

  • Yes, all guest speakers are considered volunteers and should complete the online Volunteer/Guest Visitor Information Form found on the HR website.  This includes alumni and industry reps. Please note that the Dean and Academic Affairs need to review and approve all volunteers who participate in a classroom.   

What is the process for camps that utilize volunteer faculty and community members to work with high-school-aged students?  Will the volunteers be required to have background checks?  

  • HR needs to be informed of all volunteers on campus.  Each individual needs to submit the Volunteer/Guest Visitor Information Form found on the HR website.  If a volunteer is working with minors without supervision, they will be required to take a background check initiated by the HR Office.  These individuals would also need to go through university training such as sexual harassment and Title IX.  Current employees will need background checks every two years when they participate in camps and are working with minors.

How are Grant employment or payments handled?

  • Grant PIs need to work with HR on all hiring needs to ensure compliance.

How are "Shared Faculty" handled?

  • All Shared Faculty agreements need to be reviewed and approved by the Dean and Academic Affairs.  This process is outlined in the faculty handbook.  HR will receive copies of all Shared Faculty agreements for our records.   

How do you handle students who volunteer their time to work in labs?

  • Students who volunteer their time to work in labs do not need to be processed as a volunteer through HR.

How are affiliation agreements handled? E.g. Athletic Training, Pharmacy and Nursing agreements, etc.

  • Depending on the department or office, affiliation agreements need to be vetted by leadership.  For example, all academic college agreements should be processed and reviewed by the Dean and Academic Affairs.  HR should receive copies of all affiliation agreements for our records.

How do you handle a faculty or staff member driving to pick up a student from the airport?

  • If a faculty or staff member is driving to pick up a student and is using their own vehicle, this would be paid mileage through Accounts Payable.  Travel Voucher Forms are available on the Controller’s Office website for processing.  If the individual is volunteering their time, no form is needed.  If the individual is planning to drive an ONU vehicle, they must be approved by the Office of Public Safety.
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